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Tulare County Court Records

Tulare County court records are the official documentation of events that occurred in legal proceedings. They include exhibits, transcripts, warrants, orders, judgments, and other case materials the Superior Court Clerk preserved.

In Tulare County, California, these records foster public accountability within the justice system. Beyond this primary function, the records are useful for making court appeals and researching judicial precedents.

Are Court Records Public in Tulare County?

Yes. Tulare County court records are publicly accessible under Rule 2.400 of the California Rules of Court, except where a law, court rule, or court order requires confidentiality. For example, Rule 2.550 exempts sealed court records from public access.

Records withdrawn from public perusal are detailed in the California Trial Court Records Manual (TCRM). Some records are tagged confidential from their creation date and never made open to the public. Others are only deemed confidential for a set period and may later be released to the public.

Tulare County Court Records Search

Anyone can perform a Tulare County court records search using the following avenues:

  • In-person, via mail, or online through the Tulare County Superior Court
  • By accessing the Tulare County Superior Court's Public Case Index Search portal
  • By searching a third-party database

Tulare County Court Records Search by Name

Those who do not know the case number attached to a court case filed in Tulare County can search using a name. This name might belong to the plaintiff, defendant, or attorney of record.

Individuals may visit a Superior Court location during business hours to request a name search at the customer service window or counter. Computer terminals are also available to look up records by name at the following address:

Visalia Division
221 South Mooney Boulevard
Rooms 124 and 201
Visalia, CA 93291

A nominal fee may apply for viewing or copying court records. Clerks may charge $15 for any search that requires more than 10 minutes per name. Certified copies (aside from Dissolution of Judgment) cost $40. Non-certified copies cost 50 cents per page.

Alternatively, interested persons may explore the court's Public Case Index Search portal to perform a court records search by name. Required parameters for the search include a case party's first and last name. However, any information received from the website cannot be used for official purposes.

Tulare County Courts

Tulare, California Superior Court has several locations where court cases are filed. Below are the court's addresses:

Tulare County Superior Court - Dinuba
640 South Alta Avenue
Dinuba, CA 93618
Phone: (559) 595-6400

Tulare County Superior Court - Juvenile Justice Facility
11200 Avenue 368
Room 201
Visalia, CA 93291
Phone: (559) 738-2300

Tulare County Superior Court - Porterville
300 East Olive
Porterville, CA 93257
Phone: (559) 782-3700

Tulare County Superior Court - Visalia
County Civic Center
221 South Mooney Boulevard
Visalia, CA 93291
Phone: (559) 730-5000

Tulare County Superior Court Case Search

The Tulare County Superior Court hears all criminal and civil cases filed in the county. These include family, probate, small claims, and juvenile matters.

Residents and visitors must follow the following outlined Tulare County Superior Court policy for inspecting and copying public records in Tulare County:

In-Person Request

Individuals can search for and view superior court case records in person at the counter of the superior court clerk's office during business hours. Requesters must present proof of identification to the file clerk (Identification Card, Driver's License, Bank or Work Identification Card). Afterward, the file clerk will request a contact number and direct the inquirer to sign their name on the "viewing log".

People viewing criminal, traffic, small claims, or appeals files must remain at the customer service windows. On the other hand, anyone inspecting civil, family law, or probate court records must remain at the specified file viewing table.

Note: The Clerk can only grant individuals access to a limited number of files for each file type in a single request:

Appeals: 5 files
Civil/Family Law/Probate: 5 files
Criminal: 5 files
Small Claims: 5 files
Traffic: 10 files

Online Request

One may request copies of Tulare court records using the local superior court's online request form. Typically, the court staff responds within 24 - 48 hours of receiving the request. A case number and the requester's email address (to confirm receipt of request) are required.

Submitting accurate and complete information is advised to avoid delays or denials. The Clerk responds to all emailed and mailed requests within 15 business days of receiving the request and payment.

The court's fee schedule contains all costs for records requests. Nonetheless, California Rules of Court, rule 3.55, grants that the Clerk's processing fee be waived if the litigant deserves it.

Online Public Case Index Search Portal

Members of the public can explore the Case Search feature on the superior court's website to find court records in Tulare County. Required parameters include case party names and case numbers.

Mail Request

To request copies of Tulare County court records via mail, one must send relevant case information (names, dates, numbers) and a check to Tulare County Superior Court. The mail must also include a self-addressed stamped envelope and enough postage to cover the return of copies. Copies for different case types must be mailed to each division. For instance, one cannot request criminal and civil records in the same letter.

Mail requests to:

Case numbers starting with a "V":
Visalia Division
221 South Mooney Boulevard
Visalia, CA 93291
ATTN: Civil/Criminal Records

Case numbers starting with a "P":
South County Justice Center
300 East Olive Avenue
Porterville, CA 93257
ATTN: Civil/Criminal Records

Note: The court does not accept phone or fax copy requests.

Tulare County District Court Records

Tulare County does not operate district courts like some US states. In June 1998, California registered voters endorsed unifying all superior and municipal courts into one superior court. By 2001, all California counties, including Tulare, voted to unify their trial courts.

Consequently, the Tulare Superior Court became authorized to perform all adjudicative functions for the county. Anyone seeking case access or requiring copies of court records in Tulare may follow the guidelines outlined above.

Tulare County Criminal Records

People who need Tulare County criminal records may query the local sheriff's department or the Department of Justice (DOJ). According to the California Public Records Act (PRA), members of the public have the fundamental right to peruse and request copies of their criminal records from local law enforcement agencies. These records include Tulare County Arrest Records, disposition information, and arrest warrants. However, a local criminal justice agency may not release criminal history information publicly per Cal. Pen. Code §§ 13300.

Eligible people can submit Tulare County criminal records requests to the Records Department of the local sheriff's department for $20 as follows:

  • Complete and submit the Criminal Request Form via email at Applicants must email the County Sheriff's Records Unit during business hours.
  • Alternatively, mail the request form to this address:

Tulare Sheriff-Coroner
833 South Akers Street
Visalia Ca 93277
Phone: (559) 802-9400

Individuals may also request a copy of their criminal history record through the California Department of Justice. Anyone requesting the DOJ's records must submit their fingerprints and pay a processing fee of $25 (or apply for a fee waiver if qualified).

Finally, the public may request certain criminal records from an arresting police department. This includes arrest logs and crime reports recorded within the jurisdiction. For example, the City of Tulare charges 10 cents per page for any public records request, except the document has a set statutory fee. Certified documents cost $5 each.

Tulare County Criminal Court Case Lookup

The Tulare Superior Court's criminal division adjudicates all felony and misdemeanor criminal charges. Individuals can look up Tulare County criminal court cases using the court's Online Case Search Index Portal. Registered users can access the portal using a case party's name or a case number.

Individuals conducting a court case lookup on the online portal should note that only viewing access is permitted. They cannot print copies of records for official purposes. However, official or certified criminal court records can be obtained by visiting a court clerk's office during business hours.

Get Tulare County Civil Court Records

Tulare County civil court records are documentary materials filed in civil cases (small claims, landlord/tenant issues, property/inheritance matters, contract enforcement, etc.) heard in the county.

To obtain these records, a person can visit the County Civic Center at 221 South Mooney Boulevard during operating hours. Public access terminals are available for viewing civil case records, but individuals can also request records at public counters or seek assistance from court clerks. However, fees apply if the Clerk's search exceeds a specific time frame or the requester requires copies.

  • Certifying a record: $40
  • Preparing copies of record per page: 50 cents
  • Record search longer than 10 minutes: $15
  • Record Exemplification: $50
  • Record Authentication (per signature): $15

Alternatively, inquirers can explore the Tulare County Superior Court's Online Case Index Search Portal to view civil case information.

Certain court files may not be available at the court, especially if they are off-site or on the calendar. Calendared files are not available for public perusal until two to three days after the hearing, and off-site files are only available for inspection and copying within two weeks. Before visiting, it is advised to call the civil division at (559) 730-5000 to verify when a record will be available.

Tulare County Family Court Records

The Family Law Division of the Superior Court oversees every family or domestic case filed in the county. This includes child custody/visitation, divorce, paternity, underage marriage, restraining orders, emancipation, adoption, and freedom from parental custody and control.

Family court records are generally accessible. However, sealed, juvenile, and other sensitive records are confidential. Only involved parties and their attorneys may access the documents.

Individuals can visit the Civil/Family Clerk's Office at 221 South Mooney Boulevard, Room 201, to view and request copies of family court records. Copies of court records cost 50 cents per page, while certified copies cost an additional $25 per document.

To request records, inquirers must provide the following information:

  • Case number
  • Petitioner's full name
  • Respondent's full name
  • Specific documents needed

Copies of family court records can also be requested by mail by submitting the above details and a check payable to the "Clerk of the Court". The office does not accept cash payments. If unaware of the complete amount, the requester must indicate a "Not to Exceed $35" under the amount line. The Clerk will fill in the right amount and forward the receipt and requested copies to the inquirer.

Note: All checks must be preprinted with the maker's name and address. A large self-addressed stamped envelope should be mailed with any mail request. Mail copy orders are processed within 7-10 business days.

Tulare Dissolution of Marriage Records

The Tulare Superior Court, Family Law Division, maintains dissolution of marriage records. Interested persons can view and obtain these records, like other family court records, by visiting the Visalia courthouse during business hours or sending a mail request, as explained in the previous section.

Individuals who wish to obtain a certified copy of a divorce judgment (divorce decree) must provide the court with a case number. If the case number is unknown, they may also provide the full names of the parties when the divorce was filed and the exact year of the divorce filing. A request may be mailed with a self-addressed envelope, sufficient postage, and a check or money order for $15 plus a 50 cents per page fee.

Tulare County Marriage and Divorce Records

Anyone can obtain certified copies of non-confidential Tulare County divorce records following the steps outlined in the previous section. However, a court order is required to request sealed divorce records.

Conversely, members of the public can obtain Tulare marriage records from the Clerk-Recorder's office in person or by mail. This office maintains and preserves all public marriage licenses issued in Tulare County.

Interested parties may request two types of Tulare marriage records: public and confidential. These records are certified and may be issued as informational or authorized copies.

Generally, only eligible persons can access authorized certified copies, but confidential marriage records are only accessible to the parties of the confidential marriage or persons acting under court order. The first page of the relevant application form lists the approved individuals. Anyone who cannot receive an authorized copy of a public marriage record can obtain an informational copy, but it cannot be used as proof of identity.

Individuals can follow these steps to obtain a copy of a Tulare County marriage certificate:

  • Complete and submit the appropriate online form on the Clerk's website. Then, visit the Tulare County Clerk-Recorder at 221 South Mooney Boulevard, Room 105, Visalia, CA 93291, during business hours. A valid ID is needed.
  • Otherwise, mail the applicable form to the Tulare County Clerk-Recorder at the same address. Notarization is required if an authorized copy is requested by mail.
  • Request copies online through the Clerk's authorized vendor.

The processing fee for a Tulare County marriage record is $17. The Clerk-Recorder accepts cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards (cash should not be mailed). Additional processing fees apply for credit card transactions.

Note: The California State Legislature bans the display of marriage certificates online to the general public to prevent identity theft.

Tulare County Birth and Death Records

Since 1852, the Tulare Clerk-Recorder's office has preserved records of births and deaths registered in Tulare County. Records of births and deaths for one year after the event date are also accessible at the Tulare County Health Department.

The Tulare County Clerk's Office offers mail and in-person request channels for ordering birth and death records. A Tulare County birth certificate costs $32, while a Tulare County death certificate costs $24.

Similar to marriage records, the Tulare County Clerk-Recorder issued authorized and informational copies of birth and death records. However, only qualified persons (as defined in Health and Safety Code 103526(b)) can obtain authorized copies. Everyone else can receive an informational copy.

Note that newborn certificates are only available 4-6 weeks after birth. The Clerk can be reached at (559) 636-5051 to verify that a birth or death record is available.

A birth record may be required to establish an individual's age, citizenship, and identity in various settings, such as school admissions and driver's license applications. Meanwhile, death records are used to settle a decedent's estate or claim life insurance benefits. These records are also relevant for genealogy research.

Tulare County Probate Court Records

Cases heard by the Probate Division in Tulare County pertain to the administration of decedents' estates, wills, inheritances, and the guardianship of minors and mentally incapacitated persons.

To access Tulare County probate court records, one may visit the Probate Court Division of the County Superior Court during business hours at:

Tulare County Superior Court, Probate Division
221 South Mooney Boulevard
Room 201
Visalia, CA 93291
Phone: (559) 730-5000

South County Justice Center, Probate Division
300 East Olive
Porterville, CA 93257
Phone: (559) 782-3700

Requesters may also query the court via mail, access the county's Case Search Index Portal, or complete and submit an online request.

Tulare County Property Records

Tulare County property records contain details about property ownership, property characteristics, assessed values, sales histories, zoning or land use, and tax information on any property within the jurisdiction. These records can be obtained from the Tulare Assessor/Clerk-Recorder's office during regular business hours. The Clerk's online application form should be completed before arrival.

Inquirers can also complete and send a request form by mail to the Clerk-Recorder. Each requester must include their full name and delivery address plus the record's book/page number, recording date, or grantee/grantor's name.

Online access is provided via an Official Records Search tool on the Clerk's website. Users can search records with a property owner's name, document type, document type/title, filing date range, or book/page. The mail and online application forms can also be found on the website.

The Clerk-Recorder charges $3 for the first page of a recorded real estate document. There is an additional cost of $1 per page and $2 for certified copies. These fees are payable only by checks and money orders (by mail) to Tulare County Assessor/Clerk-Recorder.

In-person and mail-in requests can be made to:

Tulare County Clerk-Recorder
221 South Mooney Boulevard
Room 103
Visalia, CA 93291

Tulare County Court Records Online

People looking to access Tulare County court records may explore third-party aggregator websites like These third-party alternatives offer convenience, quick searches, and user-friendly features for viewing and ordering copies of court records. Users can also find records across other US states and counties.

Nonetheless, third-party sites charge different processing fees for requests. Also, one must be careful to cross-check these records against official court records for accuracy. In most cases, copies of court records obtained from third-party sources are not acceptable as official documents.

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