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Sacramento County Court Records

Sacramento County court records are archives and documents court clerks maintain at courthouses. Such records may be filed at the court to initiate a court case or be documents processed through the court. California Court records are generally public records as prescribed by the California Public Records Act (CPRA). In line with the regulations, Sacramento County courts employ a records custodian, the court clerk, to keep the records and handle requesters' submissions. Record seekers generally seek court records for information such as trial transcripts, pleadings, judgments, court orders, motions, indictments, jury verdicts, and complaints.

Are Court Records Public in Sacramento County?

Yes, court records in Sacramento County are public records in compliance with the state’s Public Records Act (CPRA). Residents and non-residents in the state can go to governmental agencies and request to inspect or make copies of their records, except for exempted information as prescribed by the Act.

Record seekers can obtain Sacramento County Court records from any of the Superior Courts in the county. Each court in the county exercises some specific jurisdiction, such as the Family and Juvenile Dependency Court, Civil Court, and Juvenile Court. Requesters must approach the right court with the records for the type of case of interest.

These records can be accessed physically at the courthouse by submitting a records request to the court clerk. Record seekers can also use the Sacramento Superior Court’s Public Case Access System to search for court records using parameters like case number, name search, or the filing date. The Judicial Administrative Records website provides public access to Sacramento County's judicial administrative records. The Online Services website set up by the County judiciary allows access to links for searching court records based on each Sacramento County Superior Court's jurisdiction.

Record seekers must prepare to pay any fee the court clerk charges and provide a valid government-issued ID if requested. The costs are charged for copies made and for accessing the records. The Local Rules website offers more information on guidelines for accessing court records and the fees charged.

Sacramento County Court Records Search

Residents and non-residents of Sacramento County can conduct court records searches according to rights conferred on them by the California Public Records Act (CPRA). Anyone in the state can go to any of the courthouses to request a record search from the court clerk. There are also online platforms set up by the state and county judiciary for record searches and requests. The Sacramento Superior Court’s Public Case Access System allows record searches using name search, filing date, or case number, while the Judicial Administrative Records website gives access to cases from the county’s judicial administrative body.

Sacramento County Court Records Search by Name

Sacramento County Court records search is available through physical search requests submitted at the courthouse or by using the judiciary websites. Accessing and making copies of court records begins with retrieving the records from the archive through a records search. Searching court records will also require the record seekers to provide certain details about the case of interest. Such details can be the filing date, parties’ names, or particulars of the presiding judge.

Name search is the most relevant records search parameter as it applies to various factors relating to a case, like the name of parties, attorney appearing, location of an event, and more.

Requesters can provide any relevant name to the case of interest when submitting a request or use online court websites like Sacramento Superior Court’s Public Case Access System. This court website allows record seekers to search Sacramento County court records using name search. Requesters can also use name search on the Online Services, where court records access is organized according to subject matter jurisdiction.

Sacramento County Courts

Sacramento County courts consist of the state’s trial court, the Superior Court. The county courts exercise general civil and criminal jurisdiction by handling cases involving criminal misdemeanors, traffic offenses, juvenile delinquents, family law, and criminal felonies. The Superior Courts maintain six departments that handle the following judicial branches: Children and Family, Juvenile Dependency or Delinquency, Probate, Civil, Criminal, and Appeals. Here are the locations of the Superior Courts in Sacramento County

Sacramento County Civil and Criminal Court
Gordon D. Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse
720 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 874-5522 - Civil
(916) 874-5522 - Criminal

Sacramento County Civil Law and Motion Court
Hall of Justice
813 6th Street, Room 212, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 874-5522
Departments 53 and 54 - 2nd Floor
Department 59 - 1st Floor
Civil Law and Motion Filing Counter (2nd Floor, Room 212)
Civil Self-Help Services (1st Floor, Room 117)

Sacramento County Criminal Court
Lorenzo Patino Hall of Justice (Sacramento County Main Jail)
651 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 874-6936

Sacramento Family Law, Juvenile Dependency, and Probate Court
William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse
3341 Power Inn Road
Sacramento, CA 95826
(916) 875-3400

Sacramento County Small Claims, Traffic, and Unlawful Detainer (Landlord/Tenant) Court
Carol Miller Justice Center
301 Bicentennial Circle
Sacramento, CA 95826
Landlord/Tenant - (916) 875-7746
Small Claims - (916) 875-7746
Small Claims Advisory Clinic - (916) 875-7846
Traffic - (916) 669-5712

Sacramento County Juvenile Justice Court
Juvenile Courthouse
9605 Kiefer Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 876-7753

Sacramento County District Court Records

Sacramento County has no District Courts. District Courts usually exercise general jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases, which is the jurisdiction of the county’s Superior Courts.

Sacramento County Criminal Records

Sacramento County criminal records include arrest and court records that provide details of a group or individual’s criminal past and convictions. Criminal records are available through the courts and law enforcement agencies, depending on the exact type of records of interest.

Requesters can approach the Sacramento County Superior Courts to request a person or group’s criminal case records. This request can also be done remotely using the Sacramento Superior Court’s Public Case Access System and Online Services websites.

Record seekers interested in criminal records focusing on arrests and incarcerations can approach the Sacramento County Records and Warrants Bureau to search criminal records or submit requests. The Bureau charges a $25 fee on each record copy and an extra $10 on each notarized copy. The Criminal Records Forms is a crut website set up for record seekers to search criminal court records. Due to the nature of the sensitive information criminal records can contain, requesters must be ready to present a valid government-issued ID when making a request.

Sacramento County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Sacramento County criminal court case lookup is available at the courthouses or by using online court platforms. Requesters can approach the Superior Courts’ clerks at the courthouse for a criminal court case lookup. There are online court websites offering public access to criminal court case lookups, such as Criminal Records Forms.

Get Sacramento County Civil Court Records

Sacramento County civil court records refer to documents and archives filed to begin and facilitate civil court cases. These records are kept in line with the provisions of the California Public Records Act (CPRA), which gives citizens the right to access all types of cases and court records. Civil dispute records can be obtained from the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office to get the real start of the case.

Civil court records stand as a potent source for information on civil cases involving mental health, adoption, contract issues, tax cases, probate, and domestic relations cases. The primary source of civil court records is the Superior Courts in the county. Requesters can go to the courthouse location to submit an oral or written records request to the court clerk. Accessing civil court records has also been made easier with the Court Records and Certified Copies of Documents. Record seekers can get copies of documents from court clerks for a fee usually charged between $0.50 per page and $50 per exemplification. Subsequently, the Sacramento Superior Court’s Public Case Access System provides general access to all cases in the county.

Sacramento County Family Court Records

Sacramento County family court records are documents and archives created and kept for initiating and facilitating family law cases. These records are made public by the California Public Records Act (CPRA) except for sensitive details that are exempted for privacy or security reasons. Family court records detail family law cases involving child custody, adoption, divorce, paternity, spousal support, and domestic relations. The court possessing these records will be the Sacramento Family Law, Juvenile Dependency, and Probate Court. Requesters can approach the court clerk at this court to make a written or oral records request or search.

A convenient alternative will be to use the official county court records access websites, Court Records and Certified Copies of Documents, and Sacramento Superior Court’s Public Case Access System to search court records or send a request to the court clerk via mail.

Record seekers may be required to verify their identity using a government-issued ID when requesting. This ID requirement is accompanied by certain fees charged for retrieving and making copies of family court records.

Sacramento Dissolution of Marriage Records

Dissolution of marriage simply means the process of legally ending a marriage recognized by law. Sacramento dissolution of marriage records refer to divorce records, available at the county's Superior Courts. These records are public records under the California Public Records Act (CPRA) and are maintained by the courts where copies of divorce records can be obtained. The Superior Court in the county where the divorce petitioner filed the action is the right court to approach for the records.

Sacramento County Marriage and Divorce Records

Sacramento County marriage and divorce records are files and documents created for conducting legal conjugal unions and for legally ending marriages. In line with the California Public Records Act (CPRA) provisions, marriage and divorce records are public records maintained by the Superior Courts where the marriage was conducted or where the divorce petition was filed. Requesters can access marriage and divorce records via the Sacramento Public Records and Certificates website. Another platform where marriage and divorce records are accessible is the Family Court Records and the Sacramento Superior Court’s Public Case Access System.

Sacramento Birth and Death Records

Sacramento County birth and death records are public records with certificates detailing the circumstances of births and deaths. These records are available at hospitals across the county in a decentralized and separate database for each hospital. Record seekers can approach hospitals to get birth and death records but cannot obtain any certificates. The Sacramento County Vital Records Office maintains a centralized birth and death record archive. Requesters can go to the Department of Health Services Vital Records Office location to submit a record request or obtain a birth or death certificate. The office is open on weekdays between 8 am to 4 pm. Records access will cost a fee between $17 to $32, depending on the nature of the records sought. The Vital Records Office can also require a government-issued identity card for identity confirmation.

Sacramento County Probate Court Records

Sacramento County probate court records are public records detailing information about cases and filings from the Probate Court or Registry. The Superior Courts of Sacramento County has a Probate Court where cases involving minors’ guardianship, contesting of a Will, conservatorships of adults and their estate, name changes, trust administration, and administration of a deceased’s estate. Records seekers can approach the Superior Court to obtain court records from the clerk via an oral or written request. The Obtaining Probate Records is also a website for remotely searching or requesting Sacramento Probate Court records.

Sacramento County Property Records

Sacramento County Property records are public records detailing information about real property ownership, title interest, and taxation. Requesters can get details like address, surveys, mortgage on a property, and mailing address from these records. The Sacramento County Assessor’s Office is open to the public for property record requests. Using the Assessor’s Parcel Viewer and Parcel Maps provides access to property and assessment-related data. The County Assessor’s office is open weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. Record seekers can also fax or mail a duly filled request form to the County Clerk Recorder for property records.

Sacramento County Court Records Online

Requesters can approach any Superior Courts with relevant subject matter jurisdiction or government agencies maintaining public court records. Online platforms allow residents and non-residents to access Sacramento County Court Records online. Requesters can use the Sacramento Superior Court’s Public Case Access System and Online Services to search court records and mail records requests. There are also third-party websites like that offer remote access to these records. These websites gather records across courts and jurisdictions for a centralized and indexed archive. Accessing third-party site records will usually require no ID verification and cost requesters no fees.

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