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Butte County Court Records

Butte County court records are files and documents stored digitally or otherwise for future reference. Such documents are typically filed at the court during a hearing or settlement of dispute among parties. Court records provide more information on cases, such as the case number, filing date, motions, parties, orders, transcripts, judgments, and minutes. Court records are kept and maintained in line with the state’s public records law, which makes court records public. In most instances, the court clerk serves as the record custodian and the go-to official for record requests.

Are Court Records Public in Butte County?

Court records are generally public in Butte County under the California Public Records Act (CPRA) provisions. The Act provides that records and archives maintained by governmental agencies, including county public bodies, can be inspected by citizens. However, public court records do not include any exempted documents or information prescribed by the Act. Information on such records will either be redacted or classified.

Court records can be accessed at the courthouse. County residents can approach the court clerk between 8 am and 5 pm weekly to request records or search in person.  Such requesters may be required to verify their identity with a government-issued ID and pay a fee for making copies or accessing the records. Online platforms are also available for searches. Requesters can conduct searches through the Case Information or using the Case Search feature.

Note: Exceptions and limitations prescribed in the Act include releasing personal medical, lawyer-client, and doctor-patient information.

Butte County Court Records Search

Members of the public can search for court records by visiting the custodial courthouse. County courts are generally available between 5 am and 8 pm from Monday to Friday. Requesters can meet with the court clerk to submit a records request or to conduct a search.

Butte County Court Records Search by Name

Name searches are a commonly used parameter for retrieving information or searching through court records. Record seekers using online platforms like Case Information and Case Search can use a name to search for court records or provide the name to the court clerk. The names used must be relevant to the court records sought, such as the parties' names to the case, the presiding judge, attorneys on record, and more. Requesters can also provide these names to the court clerk when physically submitting their records request.

Butte County Courts

Butte County’s courts are derivatives of California’s judicial structure, with a Supreme Court as the final court of record and appeal, Courts of Appeal, and Superior Courts. The Superior Courts exercise civil and criminal jurisdiction within the state and its counties. Butte County has two Superior Courts, stated as follows.

Butte County Superior Court
Butte County Courthouse
1 Court Street
Oroville, CA 95965
530-532-7002 - Phone


Butte County Superior Court
North Butte County Courthouse
1775 Concord Avenue
Chico, CA 95928
530-532-7009 - Phone (Civil)
530-532-7010 - Phone (Juvenile Dependency)
530-532-7005 - Phone (Traffic)
530-532-7017 - Phone (Probate)
530-532-7014 - Phone (Compliance)
530-532-7008 - Phone (Family Law)

Butte County Superior Court Records

One of 58 courthouses in the state, the Butte County Superior Court exercises general jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases. This includes felonies, traffic offenses, juvenile cases, probate, family law, and misdemeanors. Records created by the Superior Courts are public due to the California Public Records Act (CPRA). Record seekers can approach the court to obtain records from the court clerk via an oral or written request. Requesters who prefer a convenient method can use the Case Information platform to send records requests to court clerks or search the court’s archives.

Butte County Criminal Records

Butte County criminal records refer to documents, files, and archives that detail an individual or group’s criminal history and convictions. These records are available through courts of criminal jurisdiction and the local sheriff’s office. Requesters can approach courts of criminal jurisdiction to obtain records of a group or an individual’s criminal convictions.

Public information is typically limited to records of convictions. However, inquirers may be able to obtain the full criminal history through local sheriff records and state police archives. The Butte County Sheriff’s Department is a faction of the State Department of Justice, where you can get Butte County arrest records and other Butte County criminal records. These records can be sensitive information and must be used carefully, especially where the records do not represent the individual or group’s present lifestyle and beliefs. Record seekers must equip themselves with a valid government-issued ID as it may be required and pay any fees charged by the record custodian.

Get Butte County Civil Court Records

Butte County civil court records are documents, files, and digital archives filed and used to facilitate civil dispute settlements. These records are open by virtue of the California Public Records Act (CPRA), which applies to all types of courts and cases.

Civil courts have jurisdiction over non-criminal cases, including family law cases, excluding domestic violence or assault, contract disputes, traffic offenses, adoptions, tax cases, and mental health cases. These records are available at all courthouses in the county. Record seekers can submit a formal request for records at the local courthouse. Applicants may also need to pay the expected fee and provide a government-issued ID.

Butte County Family Court Records

Butte County family court records are files and documents used in facilitating family law cases. Such records may include child custody, divorce, paternity, spousal support, child support, domestic relations, adoption, and property division.

Some of these records are public due to the California Public Records Act (CPRA), which prescribes exemptions from public family court records. Record seekers can obtain Butte County family court records by going to the courthouse to submit a request to the court clerk. Requesters can search for family law records or request one from the state's case information website.

Note: Cases involving minors and other sensitive information will be exempted and classified.

Butte Dissolution of Marriage Records

Butte County dissolution of marriage records refers to documents and archives used to file and finalize a divorce. Dissolution of marriage records will give details such as the terms of divorce, grounds of divorce, spousal support, child custody, and property allocation. These records are maintained by the Office of Vital Records. Requesters can obtain copies by approaching the designated records custodian at the office location or using the website to send record requests. The courts will also have records of marriage dissolution, which will be available at the courthouse where the divorce petition was filed and concluded. Requesters can approach the court clerk to submit a request along with a valid government-issued ID and the fees charged by the clerk. The Case Information website offers a convenient way to send requests to the court for dissolution of marriage records.

Butte County Marriage and Divorce Records

Butte County marriage and divorce records refer to archives and documents used in creating legal conjugal unions and dissolving the same unions. Marriage and divorce records will contain details and information on the couple and their parents, the wedding official, the witnesses, the divorce agreement, the spousal support agreement, and child custody terms. These records are maintained at the courts where the marriage is registered or where the divorce is filed and heard. The courts operate an open books policy. Thus, citizens can access marriage and divorce records through courthouses or judiciary websites like Case Information. The Office of Vital Records, California Department of Public Health, also maintains marriage and divorce records, including marriage certificates. Record seekers can send in a request or go to the physical location of the Office of Vital Statistics to obtain marriage and divorce records. Be sure to pay the fees charged when submitting your request and provide the required government-issued ID when requested.

Butte Birth and Death Records

Birth and death records are documents and archives detailing the deaths and births in the county and their circumstances. Such records may reveal details like place of birth or death, time of birth or death, and parents or guardians of newborns or surviving spouses of a deceased.

The Office of Vital Records, California Department of Public Health, maintains birth and death records in the state and its counties. While the hospital records are limited to circumstances around the death, the Office of Vital Statistics offers a full scope, including birth and death certificates. Requesters can approach the Office of Vital Statistics on weekdays to submit a request or use the website provided to send record requests to the record custodian. The County Clerk’s office also offers online platforms for obtaining birth and death certificates at $29 and $24, respectively.

Butte County Probate Court Records

Butte County probate records are documents and digital archives created and filed at the probate court or probate registry. Probate records are used for facilitating cases involving estate administration, a minor’s guardianship, adoptions, change of names, and personal administration.

These records are available through the Superior Court websites like the Case Information website. This platform is open at all times except during downtimes caused by maintenance. Requesters can search for non-redacted records dating back to 1988. Record seekers can also approach the court clerk to request records from the probate court or registry with a valid government-issued ID and the payment of fees charged.

Butte County Property Records

Butte County property records are documents and archives created for real property valuation and taxation, title interest, and ownership. They are records that contain a property’s mailing address, surveys, address, assessment rolls, and mortgage. Butte County property records are maintained by the Office of the County Clerk Recorder with an official tool for looking up records. The tool will require the party's name and document ID number for the search. The Parcel Search (Assessed Value Lookup) website is also an online parcel search tool for property record seekers. The County Assessor can also provide some information or records on property assessment.

Butte County Court Records Online

Butte County offers court records physically at the courthouse or online using any of the county government or judiciary websites. Requesters can send record requests using case information while case search is available to search court records. Third-party websites like can also be used to obtain Butte County court records. These websites offer organized records that are easy to access and retrieve. Record seekers are usually not charged any fee when using third-party websites, which makes it a cheaper option. However, the information obtained from these sites must be used carefully and compared with official records when possible.

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